Dear Martin & Team,

I would like to give a feedback on the food catered and delivered by your logistic staff today.
Everyone enjoys Shugar Gourmet's variety of dishes during lunch and courteous Joey, did a great job in serving the food accordingly in our pantry.
Though food arrived late close to 12pm, I was being constantly being updated by your logistic team on their whereabouts. 
Overall, You guys did a great job! Thumbs Up Shugar Gourmet!
Thank You!

ONE Championship

19 June 2019

Hi Adel, 

Just wanted to say thank you for your service and the food awas really good. I can’t remember the name of the guy who delivered the food to us but he came on time and the service was generally good. Just thought of leaving a feedback for you. 
Thank you and have a great day ahead!
Felicia Ong

New Creation Church

10 May 2019

Service was top-notch. Guy arrived early for setup, and did a beautiful birthday setup as requested. The children could even bring home the colourful helium balloons decoration! Food portion was great, but taste-wise, food was average. I wished there were choice of other sauce to go with the grilled chicken as not everyone liked the taste of bean sauce.

Mr KT Ng

30 March 2019

Generous portion. Yummy food. Excellent service.

Ms Jerica Teo

03 March 2019

Service was prompt. Called me to confirm order within 2 days. Delivery and collection were on time.

Ms Catherine Ng

17 February 2019

Hi Adel, 
Thank you for buffet yesterday . 
It was good . And everyone are happy with the food. 
We appreciate very much your company services and your services.. 
Thank you,
Best regards,
Jade Loo

800 Super Waste Management Pte Ltd

17 February 2019

Great price for tasty food. Set up was also done early. Collection was also done 30min later as requested. Value for money!

Shawn Neo

16 February 2019

Overall food is good. Just that setup can be more elaborate for a CNY function. The herbal chicken & cabbage roll is good. Setup time was a late about 10-15min, luckily we have game to keep our staff entertain while waiting.

Ms Chew Meng Yan

12 February 2019

The staff very helpful and friendly.

Mdm Winnie

09 February 2019

Very nice set up .Impressed.

Ms Judy Chua

09 February 2019

Staff are friendly.  Food is great.  Greatly recommended.

Leighton Fong

06 February 2019

Generally, the food is good (feedback from my guests).  What l especially like is the nice set up (panda n bamboo props) and the warmers which surprisingly are able to keep the food really warm throughout the night.  Warm food always enhances the taste and freshness.  Herbal chicken and cabbage rolls are favourites. All are good except the noodles which dont look apetising because of the colour.  Taste is quite bland but because it is steaming hot, it still makes a good filler especially with chili.  Additionally, the 2 Chinese delivery guys are courteous and friendly.

Ms Helen

05 February 2019

The food quality was ok.. The fried rice quantity was not very sufficient, it would be better if given 10% more in quantity. The steamed herbal chicken and salted egg prawn were good. The caterer were very early. They arrived 1 hour earlier to do the setup. Overall, I would recommend this caterer.

Ms Clara Ho

05 February 2019

Apart from the Crispy Golden Fillet of Fish with Pineapple sauce for which it was so dry, other than that it was perfectly fine.  Perhaps could increase a bit of the quantity.

We are still quite happy with Shugar Gourmet especially my guests from overseas.

Ms Elyn Tan

05 February 2019

They came early to set up and I was impressed by their efficiency and their good service. Joey, one of the staff, was very friendly and helped me to decorate my baby's initials on the table. Overall the food was great and I like the decoration. Thank you!

Ms Toh Shu Ying

20 January 2019

All the food taste good and the broccoli is well cooked and nice.

Mdm Jay Leong

29 December 2018

Delivery Staff Joey was early, polite in service and took great care in the setup of food and deco. Beautiful Christmas Deco and food portion was generous. Christmas Bread & Butter Pudding and spaghetti received many compliments.  

Mrs Goh

25 December 2018

The food doesn't look tempting but taste really nice.  

Grace Lu

24 December 2018

The fried bee hoon with seafood was so nice, most of my colleagues like it too. As well as the cereal fish. Setup is nice and presentable, overall is good. Will try again and recommend to my colleagues.

Ms Xinyi

21 December 2018

Yummy food and awesome decorations! Delivery staff Joey provided excellent service and he was on time too. My colleagues enjoyed the food very much and we enjoyed ourselves.  

Ms Vanessa Ong

19 December 2018

My second order from ShugarGourmet.  Am impressed when the caterers view the place prior to the set up.  They came early before the appointed time.  Nice setting with simple Christmas decoration.  The food is good.  Price is reasonable.  Thank you!  

Ms Joycelyn Kwek

16 December 2018

The service is good. It's easy to communicate with the salesman and the deliveryman.

Ms Nicki Pham

14 December 2018

Good experience for first time order.

Ms Ma Yunlin

07 November 2018

The delivery is on time. The quantity of food taste good and looks appetizing and presentable.

Ms Christina Koh

04 November 2018

Feedback from guests are food is really good and not oily.But if you do order mini buffet, do consume as soon as possible. The food wont be as nice once it has gone cold.  

Ms Serene

03 November 2018

Dealing with ShugarGourmet was easy as they respond quickly upon order placement, and delivery of buffet was punctual.Re the catering, the setup was done professionally to cater for birthday.Food wise, was generally okay, with exception for the prawn which is slightly not fresh (as it was sticking to the shell) and fish which is a little salty for some of my guests. They love the fried rice and Chin Teng.

Mr Bryant Shen

28 October 2018

Very value for money and caters to small groups of 20. Service and delivery are excellent! Food is above average.  

Ms Clara Low

27 October 2018

Food is generally tasty but the most impressive is the decoration that comes with it. It is the most eye catching part of the buffet and all the guest are impressed with it. 

Mr Bernard

20 October 2018

The staff is very kind n nice(Joey?). All the guest was suprise to see the great decoration provided together with the food. The themes is well match with my girl birthday theme. Lot of teddy bear.. helium ballon.! Food was great too Especially bobochacha .

Mr Tan Wei San

14 October 2018

Set up and timing were punctual and all done up nicely. Desmond whom I speak to was very friendly and they even did up decoration for the buffet set up which I didn't expect, it was a very nice gesture. Thank you Shugar Gourmet!

Mr Wang Weizhong

07 October 2018

I was busy and didn't really get to taste the food but my friends said it was nice and not bad so I guess food taste will be above average.
The set up is nice and neat. Staff are friendly and nice.

Mr Wayne Tan

07 October 2018

Over all the food are nice as comment given by guests. 

Ms Grace Lu

25 September 2018

Nice flavour food. Separate sauce and food is a very important gesture. Nice packaging with boxes make it easy to move around and amount of food is really value for money.

Mr Luee Kay Sian

24 September 2018

Service was good.

Asher Tay

22 September 2018

The set up and food is beyond our expectations. Will order again. 

Mr Darius Chang

21 September 2018

All the food was cleared off in a short time. Portion is just nice for how many pax you choose. Delivery was early than told but overall, everything is good.  

Ms Jolene Lee

19 September 2018

On time and neatly packed. Food taste very good!  

Mr Kelvin Leow

15 September 2018

Despite not many vegetarian dishes, the caterer was accommodating enough to switch some dishes out to vegetarian, as well as take out ingredients like onions, leek... etcThe curry vegetables was the best dish despite not having onions. It goes very well with the beehoon or fried rice! We are planning to order again from this vendor!  

Mr Michael Ng

01 September 2018

I personally liked the thai toufu and tender chicken. What i don't like is the fried fillet and seafood ring.Overall the food portion is good.  

Ms Jenn Goh

31 August 2018

the setup was good. Staff was very professional. Food is nice and quantity amount is very good for 40 person. Among all caterers, ShugarGourmet is kindness among all I have ordered before as each item is a big portion.  

Mr Samuel

04 August 2018

Overall the buffet is good.  

Mr Hoe Shih Hsiung Mr Hoe Shih Hsiung foodline

04 August 2018

Good local delights ! Delivered on time ! Fresh and delicious!  

Mr Darric Seow Choon Sin

28 July 2018

So far everything was good.  

Mr Lionel Leong

18 July 2018

The fried bee hoon with seafood was so nice, most of my colleagues like it too. As well as the Prawn with Chili Crab Sauce, yummy!!! Setup is nice and presentable, overall is good. Will try again and recommend to my colleagues.  foodline

Ms Jerlin Lee

03 July 2018

Excellent service and awesome decorations!  Great food and value for money too.

Ms Vanessa Ong

30 June 2018

The staff is punctual,  friendly and efficient. Food is nice and value for money. Worth recommendations.

Mr Wang Dawei

24 June 2018

delivery was prompt 45min before event time,  and setup by delivery person Joey was professional. food name tags, plates,cutlery,decoration flowers were neatly was still hot when delivered.collection was also prompt @ agreed time.service thumbs up. food was ok average. & amount of food just right,
enough for guests.

Ms Kee Koh Kheng

23 June 2018

The delivery was prompt and the table setup was very nice. Most of the dishes were above average. Desmond was also quick in responding to last minute request.  

Mrs Ho

16 June 2018

Food was good and presentation set-up was great.
Value for money.

Geraldine Pereira

07 June 2018

Value for money and yummy food! Excellent!

Ms Ng Shi Ya

30 May 2018

The food is not bad, quite nice especially the sambal prawns. It is good that u can add on bento sets for vegetarian as i have guests that are vegetarians.

Ms Ow Yong Choi Hon

19 May 2018

Plenty of food to go around


17 May 2018

Plenty of food to go around


17 May 2018

Plenty of food to go around.


17 May 2018

Most food are pretty nice and not too salty.

Ms So Geok Lan

13 May 2018

The delivery was punctual, and the participants all enjoyed the food. The caterer was very accomodating to change one of our food dishes due to allergies, and they reply very promptly.

Ms Grace Lee Min Hui

05 May 2018

Very pleasant experience and the service is excellent! I will definitely choose it again!

Ms Yuhan

01 May 2018

Good quality for food! Fast setup and friendly staff!

Mr Jude Chen

01 May 2018

The food was great ! Service was great and thumbs up !

Mr Darric Seow

28 April 2018

Overall food was pretty good for value. guests enjoyed the food fully and the staff that came to set up was patient and friendly. Would order again in  future.

Mr Shaun Teo

28 April 2018

Generally the food is good, the guests said is good.  .k though is a good set up but some of the guests of my event are young boys, the stack up dishes was a little hard to reach for them.  I was too busy attending to the event, no time to take photo of the food.  

Ms Kim Li Chong

22 April 2018

From the start when i made the order at night, Desmond called the next day to confirm the details. On the actual day, the service personnel, Joey, came promptly as promised and set up the table and food within the starting time of the buffet. The decoration was simple but pretty and nice. The buffet selected had various colours and the guests enjoyed the food and were happy with the decoration. Joey cleared the food at the stipulated time (at night) and the last guest has just arrived when he came and he waited for the guest to take the last bit of food before clearing. Overall the service is good.

Ms Khairunnisha

21 April 2018

Caterer followed up closely with quality of food and service was good too.

Ms Toh Pei Ling

17 April 2018

Pleasant service.

Mdm Selina Tay

15 April 2018

Chicken curry is not enough for 55 pax and it's charge additional 50 cents per pax. Others potion is enough and quality wise acceptable. Service is good, punctual delivery time also swift email reply


10 April 2018

They came early than expected. Service was good, the caterer even took the extra mile and went to recee my party location the day before. Price is reasonable.
Food was good as well and my guest love it, we have leftovers so portion was generous.
Will engage them again!

Ms Penny Chua

08 April 2018

Fried Rice is very well done and flavorful. Sambal Fish sauce should be separated as it made the fish soggy when soaked in it. also if the fish serve is not dory will be better.

Mr Luee Kay Sian

07 April 2018

Overall the food is nice!  

LIPICO Technologies Pte Ltd

04 April 2018

In general, all the course taste good. Would specially recommend the Kampong Fried Rice; Wok Fried Bee Hoon; Cheng Tng and Curry Vegetable.

Ms Fiona Gian

02 April 2018

Excellent experience, the setup team arrive early and all was ready within 15minutes, guest like the food alot especially herb chicken.

So far all guest have no complaints on the food. The food fit their appetite.

Mr Aw Beng Hui

01 April 2018

Very punctual delivery. Food exceeded expectations. Just the warming of the food can be stronger to make the food hot will be excellent.


25 March 2018

Hi Ednes,
Thank you for the service and the food
It was really good and everyone enjoyed it 

Ms Nabilah

17 March 2018

Good food, good service with good price.. highly recommended. 

Mr Tan Yong Ji

11 March 2018

Many of my guests enjoyed the food.  Especially the curry chicken and mee goreng (i change the order during confirmation) have compliments about it. Will recommend to anyone looking for Halal options.

Ms Vanice L

11 March 2018


Food > each of them has different overall..yes
Driver: setup fast, neat & nice yes
Adel, thank u..Desmond & u done a good job again smiley

Jeslyn Ng

02 March 2018

Colour & presentation is good which makes the food looks appetising. Yu Sheng is very nice. Children love the crispy chicken drumsticks. We also liked the smoked duck breast in the Oriental combination. The dessert is too sweet though.  

Maggie Wong

24 February 2018

food portion is reasonable and my guests are all happy with the food. Plus point is it is delivered during cny period. :)

Ms Cadence

17 February 2018

Good and prompt professional service, even on such a busy period. Good food portion.

Mr Stanley Ng

17 February 2018

First time order and try from ShugarGourmet,
thank you Ms Adel your smiling face had us easy to communicate.
the food portion is just nice for 25 pax, and its taste great except
for cereal fish, the flour coated is too thick can't taste the fish.
will try again for next function.

Mdm Alice Tan

16 February 2018

Hi Shugar Gourmet Catering Team:
Many thanks for your catering services for our family’s CNY dinner gathering on 16 Feb 2018. 
I am heartened to share with you that feedback was very generally positive by my family members.  There were a few dishes which scored good ratings in terms of food taste and most of your food servings were of generous portion too !
curry chickenyescabbage w prawmsyesbeehoon yes
that’s the way to go, Shugar Gourmet! 
keep up your good job !
Adel Ng has been serving me with her friendliness with good professionalism ! Will be happy to deal with Adel and Shugar Gourmet for any future catering needs if available.
Happy New Year & Gong Xi Fa Cai !


16 February 2018

Have been catering buffet for my office corporate meeting for the last few years. Shugar Gourmet cater can be considered one of the best as food provided are above average standard.

Would definitely recommend friends.

Ms Patricia Ong

13 February 2018

Hi Adel & Teams,

yesTremendous thanks to all of you who were here yesterday, right from the setup to the end of the event!
yesThe whole CNY Celebration went on so well and had recieved numberous feedbacks from our colleagues that foods were fresh and good, especially for the unique Loi Hei setup.

yesThank you once again for your efforts yesterday for making the celebration such a successful one!

With best regards

Gladys Lim

12 February 2018

The food is great! So is their services. From the first contact of confirmation of my order, to the delivery, its just first class. Special thanks to the delivery/ set up guy, Joey. As my venue was still occupied by the previous event, Joey waited patiently even though he’s on a tight schedule. When the venue is finally ready, he did not rush, but did a good job in decorating the set up with stuffed toys and balloons. He was always carrying a smile and ever polite. The best experience among the catering services I ever had. 2 thumbs up!

Ms Toh Joon Li ordered from

11 February 2018

Food was good, tasty! Not too salty, not too sweet, not too spicy! Perfect!
Portion was just enough, so no food wastage!
The only disappointment was Fried Fettuccine came in place of Spaghetti. :(

Ednes was friendly and prompt with replies! The delivery service was also good. Thumbs up!

Mdm Judy Lau

10 February 2018

We would like to thanks Shugar Gourmet for the foods and drinks provided. The service and dinner served was good.
?Thanks Joey for the good service as well.

Carol Teo

08 February 2018

Thank you for making my daughter's one month celebration so memorable. Everyone was impressed with the decor and food spread, and was praising how good the food tasted! Special thanks to Desmond for going extra mile for our requests and the delivery team for being so prompt and professional! Looking forward to more orders!
?Thank you so much!

Venassa Danaraj

28 January 2018

ShugarGourmet made an effort to check about the gender of the birthday boy so that they could bring along a suitable decor to go with the setup. We experienced a thoughtful and friendly team from backend to the crew setting up the actual buffet. The food was also tasty and well presented.

Mr Zhisheng Koh

27 January 2018

Overall food is scrumptious and the portioning is appropriately more than enough for the pax I've ordered. Will continue look for this caterer again for my upcoming event and reunion dinner.

Sharon Voon

14 January 2018

The food were pretty decent for a catered buffet. The guy that served us was nice and friendly. Overall i must say, it was a pretty pleasant experience!

Mr Yu Jie Ngoh

24 December 2017

We are pleased with the Christmas set up and portion of the food is just right and not too much leftovers as our grp had a lot of young children. Email or phone Msg replies by caterer (Desmond) was also v prompt. Would prefer the menu or caterer to advise that dish (pasta) is mild spicy as we had a lot of young children who cannot take spicy foods.
Enjoyed the the lovely Shepherd’s pie and turkey breast was tender.
Delivery was slightly delayed due to weather conditions before the event but caterer informed and manage to reach in time. The set up done by Joey was gd as he was all smiles and precised in looking out for suitable spot w shelter n rubbish bin away from buffet table.

Ms Christy

16 December 2017

Decoration simple n nice. Overall satisfied.

Mr Raymond Soh

16 December 2017

Good value Christmas set for small party
Service is good
Most dishes taste good  

Ms Janice

14 December 2017

Booked for 40 pax with Bento sets for lunch. Order was changed to 2 set menus instead as there is a minimum of 20 boxes for each menu type. Sets come with food, bottled green tea, fruit cup (quite generous portion) and small eclair/ cream puff/ cake dessert.

Delivery was extremely prompt on the dot. Food arrived hot and in nice sturdy cardboard carriers.

Dr Jonathan Yeo

10 December 2017

The overall food is good! Value for money too.

Ms Cha Pei Pei

01 December 2017

The service are great. All the foods are pack nicely and separately. Will consider to purchase for next events.

Ms Salwati Sahari

11 November 2017

Guests commented that the mee goreng was too salty to their liking. The man who was in charge of setting up the buffet was polite and accomodating.

Mrs Jasmine Teng

19 August 2017

Good food with good price.

Ms Christie Chaw

09 August 2017

Great service provided by crew.

Mrs Tina Lee

07 August 2017

Confirmation of order: Desmond just after I sent in my order (1 week before the event date). He was polite and to the point - he was able to advise me on the additional costs for add-on dishes immediately, and followed up with the invoice promptly.

Setup: Caterer arrived >1 hour early to set up. Set up is simple and neat, and the MUIS certificate was displayed as requested. Good that the utensils are placed in a covered box and serviettes were in a holder rather than simply placed on the table in their plastic packets. The guy setting up was pleasant and polite. Food was ready to be served by the requested time and were piping hot.

Food: Received generally good reviews on the food. Serving was a good size. Most rated the Mini Chocolate Eclair their fave dish, followed by the tender Grilled Boneless Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce, ironically the 2 add-ons I had requested. The rest:
Thai Fried Rice: Could be more fragrant.
Fried Mee Siam: Looked a bit dry, wasn't very popular but not bad.
Curry Chicken: We prefer a thicker (less watery) curry.
Fried Fish Fillet with Fragrant Cereal: Nice.
Kong Bao Prawn (de-shelled): Nice.
Thai Style Beancurd with Sesame Seed: Nice.
Curry Vegetables: Nice.
Breaded Scallop with Tartar Dip: Tastes like supermarket-bought and tossed in air fryer stuff.
Cheng Tng (Cold): Too sweet.
Pink Guava Cordial: Sweet.

Ms Josh

24 July 2017

Food are delivery on time.
We like the curry chicken and Thai Style Fried Rice the most !
Overall the food and service are pretty good.

Ms Teo Mei Lin

22 July 2017

Guests really enjoyed the food. Most commented on how good the spaghetti was.
The delivery and set up was quick, and the crew was very friendly.

Mr Bob Nathaniel Kharsyntiew

04 July 2017

Second time ordering from this caterer. The quality of the food is good. My guests love it! Thumbs up for the food especially the grilled chicken!

Ms Lorraine Lee

10 June 2017

Thank you Shugar Gourmet for providing such good service, food and staffs. I really appreciate what your sales executive, Adel Ng has done. I placed an order on 24th May/2.30pm for 25pax on 25th May/12.30pm. She actually accepted my last min order and provided me with all the confirmation/invoice within 10mins. She personally came down to my office today to ensure everything is in order. Your delivery man, Joey is also very friendly and nice. Last but not least, I received very good feedback from my colleagues/bosses except for the dessert (bo bo cha cha) and the portions are abit too little. The ingredients for the dessert are not very fresh/good, too watery and the smell not strong enough. Your mee goreng is really very nice (*clap hands*). Thank you to all the kitchen helpers, Joey & Adel (*thumb-up*)

Yorineda Leow

25 May 2017

All my guests like the food! The quality is good! Will order from caterer again for my next event. :)


Ms Lorraine Lee

23 May 2017

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I engaged Shugar Gourmet services for our QI Workshop on 17 to 19 May 2017 and I would like to compliment on your employees as I think they have both done a great job.

  1. Delivery guy: Joey

Joey is very friendly, polite and helpful. He was also punctual in delivering our food order for the 3 days’ workshop. Punctuality is a very important factor in any services, it is a good virtue. Keep it up.


  1. Sales Executive: Adel Ng

Adel is very meticulous in her work and also quick in respond and efficient in delivering her services on menu quotation when requested. She also strive to give customer a better deal and it has been a pleasant experience working with her.


  1. Quality of Food

We really appreciate on the effort in working with us to ensure we deliver healthier food for participants and as we are in healthcare, I think it’s necessary for us to lead by example to order a healthier menu for a better lifestyle. So a heartfelt thank you to Kitchen Team too for their great services and teamwork.


Thank you so much for making our event a success. Have a nice day! J

Megan Si Huan | Innovation and Quality Management | SingHealth

22 May 2017

I like the service of ShugarGourmet Catering, in despite they forgot to bring us the sauce and gravy for the dishes.  They only came back after 45 minutes with the sauce and gravy.  Their food was so light and non greasy. Most of the dishes was tasty.  I would order from them again.

Mdm Eve Yong

21 May 2017

They're very prompt with replies and are willing to accommodate to special requests. Thumbs up and highly recommended.

Mrs Doreen Sarah Lim

15 May 2017

Service was good and prompt. Responsive manager who coordinated my order back end. Responsible staff who came to set-up an hour before the event and was able to improvise with the surroundings. However, food was decent at best. Fried Mee Siam was tasty. Overall value for money.

Mr Gabriel Tan

02 May 2017

The delivery was early and the food tasted nice. All my guests had a great time. Thanks!

Mrs Quin Kwek Zhang

20 April 2017

All dishes are nice.

Ms Joey

20 April 2017

Most of us had more than a helping.
Did not feel thirsty after eating.
Generous ingredients in the Hot Cheng Teng.

Ms Rufina Choy

03 April 2017



03 April 2017

Food was good and service friendly.

Dr Lim Puay Joo

24 March 2017

The food is overall good. Food is value for money. service is efficient and delivery is on time. Recommended.

Ms Evelyn Wong

05 February 2017

Dear Wei Long,
Thank you for accepting my request to reduce the min quantity to 10 pax.
Shugar Gourmet has done it again! The food was tasty, well presented, so presentable for corporate events which I have enjoyed (same group members who have ordered for Lighthouse Evangelism Church, Church Fellowship group etc etc). My staff and I are very pleased with the everything.
Yesterday, 2 of my colleagues have already decided to book Shugar Gourmet for upcoming First Month Baby celebration and family gatherings. Delivery uncle yesterday was punctual and also very polite & helpful, unlike from many other caterers, who often dump and rush off. I was impressed with the Telephone operator who I spoke with yesterday, just to confirm my order for the day, was polite and patient. She knew who I was and knew my order before I could even give my order no.
Here’s wishing Shugar Gourmet a prosperous year ahead! Will check out your CNY menu J!

Janice Khoo Su Fen

29 December 2016

Hi Wei Long,
I would like to say thank you for your service. The food is fantastic and the decoration is superb. Very professionally done and the delivery guy was on time and collect on time too.
The food and dessert really very nice and all my colleagues really enjoy it. And my Christmas Event went really well. I would definitely choose your service again.
Next, my company would be celebrating Chinese New Year and we would want to have a buffet theme again from your service. Are you able to quote me the price and also the package ?
Thank you.


23 December 2016


1. Inital/Subsequent conversations with our Sales/Customer Service Team:
2. Timeless & Service Quality of our Operations / Delivery Team:
3. Visual appeal of our Food & Beverage Presentation at your premises:
4. Quality of Food & Beverage served - Quantity, Freshness, Taste:
5. How did you get to know about
1. Inital/Subsequent conversations with our Sales/Customer Service Team:
2. Timeless & Service Quality of our Operations / Delivery Team:
3. Visual appeal of our Food & Beverage Presentation at your premises:
4. Quality of Food & Beverage served - Quantity, Freshness, Taste:
5. How did you get to know about Shugar Gourmet?
6. Suggestions & Recommendations you may have for us to improve our service to you:
Hi, I would like to thank you for your services rendered. Your sales manager, Wei Long, is very helpful and ensured that my order was properly managed. Your delivery staff is very polite and helpful. The setup is well done and the food is good. We are very happy with your services and will recommend your services to our relatives and friends.
6. Suggestions & Recommendations you may have for us to improve our service to you:
Hi, I would like to thank you for your services rendered. Your sales manager, Wei Long, is very helpful and ensured that my order was properly managed. Your delivery staff is very polite and helpful. The setup is well done and the food is good. We are very happy with your services and will recommend your services to our relatives and friends.

Mr Lee

22 December 2016

Very delicious food. I like pasta and the baked potato most. It look simple but very tasty. The log cake is one of the best I have tried, light , moist and not so sweet. Very satisfied with the food and value for money. Will definitely order again.

Ms Christina Chi Lu Ching

15 December 2016

I would like to thank Mr Desmond Lum from Shugar Gourmet for the excellent service. I greatly appreciate him going an extra mile in acceding my requests regarding some of the food preparation. I would also like to thank the delivery men (forgotten their names), for their fast service and the beautiful setup of the Christmas-themed buffet. My bosses, colleagues and I were all able to notice the great effort put into this catering and we really appreciate Shugar Gourmet paying attention to many of the small details in the buffet, showing their professionalism and care for their customers.

Ms Evelyn Phua

05 December 2016

At first we think that the food portion is quite little.
But in surprisingly, the food is nice and all my staff like all the dishes.

Ms Law Yin Jie

16 November 2016

Food taste ok, decoration is good.

Mrs Chan

20 October 2016

Dear Desmond
I am writing in to express my satisfaction with the service and catered food provided from ShugarGourmet team.
Thank you for the effort and thoughts to prepare the pretty decoration based on my colour preference. It was really pretty and save all my effort to further deco my place! I would also like to share with you that my guests had gave positive feedback on the food too.
Appreciate all the efforts rendered from the team. Best wishes for ShugarGourmet! :)



19 October 2016

Overall at average points. Most feedback Sautéed French Bean with Prawn considered very salty taste. rendang mutton has very good mark among all. But the baked snapper loin with Laksa gravy abit disappointed as gravy too much and portion of food is lesser than expected. The set up is awesome.

Ms Siaw Yen

14 October 2016

Delivery and set up was good and very punctual. Food was great, especially the mini chocolate eclair, which i ordered an additional tray on top of the standard dessert selection and really did not regret it, and fried fish fillet with fragrant cereal. Desmond was also very friendly and assisted me with other requests when i ordered, like requesting for additional dish and MUIS certificate for display during event etc. Price is also reasonable with the quality and selection available during ordering. Overall, good experience.

Ms Leong Jiayun

10 October 2016

Highly recommended. Value for money food and the yakitori chicken was delicious. I catered with ShugarGourmet for my Son full month celebration. They even put up child theme decor to go along. Balloons, Pokemon and child mat without extra charges. One of the service staff was there throughout to Top up food that was finishing. I would definitely use ShugarGourmet as my caterer in the future again for other occasions.

Mr Joseph Neo

06 October 2016

Hi Desmond,
This is the review as requested:

The food was delivered on time and swiftly set up, ready for consumption. I have also received feedback on the food quality from the attendees of the event that it was tasty and of good quality as compared to other caterers they have tried before. However it is to note on the pre-set up of the tables and decoration that multiple changes in timings had to be made which caused some inconvenience whereby my volunteer had to arrive earlier to handle the pre set-up. I appreciate the efforts of the crew to come by before hand to do a pre set-up but it will be good for them to stick to the original timing given to them. If there are some changes to be made to their schedule, informing a day before hand would reduce the inconvenience caused. In a nutshell, it was still an enjoyable experience and I would definitely order the catering services again if the opportunity is allowed. Thank you so much for the great food and services provided, will definitely recommend to my friends and family as well. :)

Lawrence (Katong CC)

17 September 2016

Hi Desmond,

My colleagues and I are "overwhelmed" by the decoration that you and your colleagues has put up. ^^ Thanks for going the extra mile to pretty up our event. The food is nice.

Best regards,
Lai Siew Lin
Samsung Asia Pte Ltd

Lai Siew Lin

13 September 2016

Hi Desmond,

So sorry for the delay to send my feed back to you.My management, colleagues and myself are very impressed with the food you had provided for our recent event. And not to mention Sebastian. He is awesome. He was professional in the set-up and paid attention to my questions and instructions. I have shortlisted ShugarGourmet as one of our panel of caterers. In PCF with 7000 staff, we do have regular events and in need of resourceful caterers. I wish to highlight that the pricing does matter to us. We are not expecting a huge discount, for we know the cost of running your business is high. Nevertheless, if your quotation is at market value/lower, and your services rendered to us excel among others, I am sure we can work together for many more projects in the future.

Hereby, I also wish to thank you, Desmond,for the time we worked together via emails and telephone communications. You were so prompt with your replies and I really appreciated how you revised the menus upon my requests.

Many thanks to ShugarGourmet and I look forward to work with you again. Have a great Day !

Kathryn Chiam (PCF)

06 September 2016

Desmond, just to feedback.
Food was good according to my volunteers,  especially the breaded fish with tartar sauce, broccoli with mushroom and carrot, fried mee siam and curry chicken with potato
I didn’t get to try the éclair though, all gone in a flash.

Rebecca (PCF)

01 September 2016

Quick service. Can order in less than 3 days unlike the rest. They also provided tongs and good eco friendly plates and bin bags. Very thoughtful.Good to have a plastic table cloth if possible. Food was not salty and not oily. Order portions were just nice. No food wastage. They were also punctual! had 9 different options. Real value for money!

Carmen Loke

01 September 2016

Amazing decoration for my princess 1st birthday! Thank you for giving us a memorable moment!

Sarah Loh

23 July 2016

Buffet setup was surprising done out of expectation.
Food were serve on time and we left nothing... My guest were delighted.
Well serve and done...
Keep it up...

Edwin Choo

08 July 2016